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Eric Graham Testimonials and Success Stories

Here are just a handful of the hundreds of testimonials and success stories Eric Graham’s clients have shared:

IMG_7296_russell_brunson_04“Wow, Eric!  That answer was totally brilliant man!  This one tweak will pay for your services for the next 6 months!  Fastest ROI I’ve ever got.  Amazing!” – Russell Brunson
amber-ludwig-smaller1-244x300“Eric Graham has been an invaluable mentor who has helped exponentially grow my business. His brilliance shines through in every interaction and he is a never-ending well of the best ideas in the industry. If you are serious about your message and getting it out to the world in a MASSIVE way, you need to find a way to work with Eric. I give him my highest recommendation.” – Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer

team_justin“Eric Graham came highly recommended when I was working as VP for DotComSecrets, Inc. I now know why – after having saw his results! I always hear the corny line “This doesn’t cost you money – It makes/saves you money.” I always hated that line until now. I can now say without feeling corny at all that hiring Eric Graham will not cost you money, but will make AND save you money. He is the real deal premium website conversion, traffic analytics, and split testing expert. Everyone should have a guy like this on their team.” – Justin Brooke

“I had been trying for 10 years to take my business to the next level. I tried everything, from reading books to expensive training and coaching programs to taking on business partners. None of it worked… until I met Eric.
Eric is one of those rare individuals that combines a massive amount of business wisdom, gained through real-world experience building businesses, with a true desire to make a difference… not just a buck.
With Eric as a mentor, I’ve made more progress in my business in 12 months than I had in the previous 12 years.
His help has been Life Changing.” – Bryce Kuhlman
ZqC6XWOzwksEsoLQjzq3Gjq4u8PJFX“The impact Eric Graham has had on my business and my life is extraordinary!
He has not just helped me become a better speaker and marketer, he has helped me become a better person, better man and a better father by following his example.
Having spent over $200,000 getting my MBA at Harvard University, I can confidently say that the return on investment of investing a fraction of that with Eric Graham has been infinity higher!
To his clients and students Eric teaches (preaches!) the importance of “Building Massive Value”, and no one I’ve ever met practices what they preach better than he does.” – David Trump 
“Eric, I have to tell you – I have never seen (or for that matter even HEARD of) conversion rates this high before!
For the past 7 days we’ve experienced 26% to 32% conversion rates!
The average conversion rate for 5 of my biggest JV partners is over 18%!
On the squeeze page we’re using, almost everyone is seeing 60%+ optins. And a lot of them are actually getting 70, 80, even over 90%.
And the funny thing about it is at first when you presented your testing plan for my site I actually didn’t want to do it! Thanks for insisting that we follow through with it!” – Ann Sieg