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Because I spend 90% of my time actually DOING the things I teach (running my own business, creating and delivering value, etc.), my time for coaching, consulting, strategy sessions, copywriting or other services is VERY limited.

However, because I get so many requests, and find great enjoyment and fun helping people take their businesses to the next level I try and block out some time each week to work with hand-picked clients.

Warning: I’m NOT “cheap”! (I charge $5,000.00 per hour, and $50,000.00 per day to work with me 1-on-1.)

Also, understand…  Because my time is so limited and valuable, even at $2,500 per hour, I turn down most requests for 1-on-1 projects.

This is because I choose my clients carefully.

Because of my strong commitment to honest and ethical business practices, and delivering REAL value, I do not accept projects from companies or individuals that practice unethical or deceptive tactics.

My personal integrity is too important to me, to allow them to be tarnished by association with companies or individuals that are not committed to upholding the highest ethical standards and delivering real value to their customers and clients. (No matter how much they are willing to pay!)

There are 3 main services I offer, and ways to work with me personally..

1. My 1-on-1 Consulting Services

2. My Individual and Group Coaching Programs.

3. My Copywriting and Mulch-Variate Testing Services – (Fees START at $50,000.00 + royalties. But I’m currently only accepting copywriting projects from members of my Platinum and Titanium coaching groups.)

If you are unsure what kind of services or help you need from me, I also make myself available from time to time for 1-on-1 Strategy Sessions.