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Do What You Love, Love Who You Do It For!

Do what you love, love who you do it forLet me ask you a question…

Why are you in business?

Is it just to make money?

Is it to extract every dime you can, out of everyone you meet?

If so… Do the world a favor… Close up shop, and go back to working a day job!

Because, you don’t get it. And you’ll never make any REAL money, or build LASTING wealth with that mindset.

Times have changed, and the world is different… The old school, “hard sell”, manipulative tactics of the past don’t work any more (thankfully!)

Those who are in business to simply make as much money as they can, any way that they can, won’t last.

So why are YOU in business?

Hopefully its for one reason…


Stay with me here… Don’t worry, I’m not saying this for any tree-huggery, hippie, “money is a bad thing” reasons.

(I’m as red-blooded, hard core capitalist as anyone you’ll ever meet!)

However, making REAL money, and building LASTNG wealth needs to come from a place of LOVE.

You have to love WHAT YOU DO and (even more important) you must love WHO YOU DO IT FOR!

I cannot emphasize this strongly enough.

If you’re not head over heels in love with the people you serve, then you either need to get to know them better, or you need to get new clients!

You must find a group of people to serve that you CAN love and respect.

Because when you approach your prospects and clients from a position of genuine love and respect, they will sense your authenticity, and they will know and trust that you have THEIR best interests at heart.

Then and only then, will they trust you with their money.

They will trust you with their money, not because you used any sneaky “trust building tactics or tricks”, but they will trust you because you are truly, genuinely TRUSTWORTHY!

Now, just because you “love” your clients and those you serve, and they trust you, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t (or don’t need to) actually SELL them on buying your products or working with you.

In fact… It’s quite the opposite!

I read a quote today by worldclass sales trainer Gulliver Giles:

He says: “IF YOU DON’T HANDLE OBJECTIONS… You’re basically selling your client on why you don’t care.”

And there is so much truth in this…

For me selling is all about delivering VALUE from a place of truly caring about your prospect/client. It’s about wanting the absolute best for them, their business and their family.

So when you know what you have to offer WILL improve their lives and create massive value for them…

If you REALLY love them and care about them and their wellbeing, you won’t accept their objections! Or more accurately you won’t let THEM accept their OWN objections (excuses)!

When they throw up an objection, in many (if not most) cases it is not based on their lack of confidence in YOU, it’s based on their lack of confidence or belief in THEMSELVES…

They are operating (and holding back) out of FEAR…

If you have real love and concern for those you serve, you owe it to them to do whatever it takes to help them begin exercising the FAITH it takes to overcome their fear.

(And I’m not talking about just faith in you or your offer… I’m talking about faith in themselves.)

And the best way for them to exercise that faith is by taking action and moving forward!

So, when you fail to handle your prospects objections, you are basically telling them that not only do you not actually care about helping them… You also agree that their fears and lack of belief in themselves is justified.

If you don’t love your clients enough to fight for their success (often harder than they do at first), then you need to find a new group of people to serve that you CAN fall in love with strong enough to fight for them!

And this applies double if you are a “coach”!

My good friend Brian G. Johnson recently asked the following question on Facebook:

“What would your ideal coaching program include?”

And he got a ton of great answers.

However… Most of the answers he received related to the structure of a good coaching program.

How many calls clients would receive each month…

The format of the training (audio vs. video vs. text)…

What type of content he should cover (goal-setting, marketing, etc.)…

However, my answer to him was a bit different.

I said…

“… The STRUCTURE of the program is secondary.

The real key is the RESULTS you deliver to your clients/students. So for most people the key component of “ideal coaching program” is a coach who absolutely LOVES the people he/she serves, and is just as committed to their success as they are (if not more!)

It’s having a coach who will push you and hold you accountable for taking ACTION on what is being taught. (Not just “do the work” for the client.)

The only reason I personally don’t “do all of the work” for my own coaching clients, is I want them to be able to duplicate and replicate the results we achieve together long after we’re done working with each other.

But again, the key here (at least for me) boils down to LOVE. It’s hand picking those you are willing to work with, not because of how much money they will pay you, but because you love who they ARE, you believe in their message, and you love the VALUE they create in the world for the people THEY serve.

As a coach, you have the unique privilege and honor of being what I like to call a “Value Multiplier”… By adding value to the lives of your clients, you in turn increase their ability to add value to the people they serve. The end result is a perpetuating cycle of value creation that benefits everyone.”

So… How do you view your prospects and clients?

Do you view your clients as “sheep to be sheered” or worse “pigs to be slaughtered”?

Or do you view them as valuable individuals to be cherished, served and protected?

Do you see your prospects as stupid, gullible “marks” to be manipulated, tricked and taken advantage of?

Or do you see them as intelligent, precious, wonderful human beings to be respected, guided and persuaded into taking action on something that will add massive value to their lives?

Do you sell to them simply because you want their money?

Or do you sell to them because you know what you have to offer will transform their lives?

Your answers to these questions will make all the difference in your success (and happiness!)

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