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Running my own businesses and helping my current clients keeps me quite busy, however, I do make myself available for a very limited amount of coaching and consulting.

Telephone Consulting

Do you need some specific advice about a business or marketing problem that you are facing?

Do you have a question about what will take your sales or profits to the next level?

Want a few tips or pointers on strengthening your copy?

An in-depth telephone consultation may be just what you need!

My consulting rate is $5,000 per hour.

During our initial phone consultation, I will speak with you briefly to make sure I can help you with the kinds of questions you have before turning on my “consulting clock.”

To get to know your business and your needs properly your initial consultation should be a full hour in length. After that, my time is billed in 15 min. segments. This allows you to touch base with me for coaching anytime you have a question or need some advice.

On-Site Consultation

I am also available to meet with you and your team at your location for more detailed and personalized training, workshops and coaching.

Depending on my availability I can do half-day, full day or even multi-day programs, covering all of your areas of concern.

My rate for a half-day consultation (up to 4 hours) is $35,000, plus first-class travel.

A full day coaching session (4 to 8+ hours) is $50,000 plus first-class travel and overnight accommodations. Depending on where you are located I usually prefer to fly in the night before the session, spend the night so I am well rested and at my best for you and then fly back home after we are done.

Multi-day sessions are billed at $40,000 per day, plus first-class travel, and accommodations.

I choose my clients carefully

Because of my strong commitment to honest and ethical business practices, and delivering REAL value, I do not accept projects from companies or individuals that practice unethical or deceptive tactics.

My personal integrity is too important to me, to allow them to be tarnished by association with companies or individuals that are not committed to upholding the highest ethical standards and delivering real value to their customers and clients. (No matter how much they are willing to pay!)

Contact me to check my consulting availability…